Mr Car Hire can provide car hire in over 32,000 destinations worldwide from major airports to remote towns. In total we cover over 175 countries including many popular European holiday destinations including France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus to off the beat areas in the Far East such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea.

To find the destination you are looking for you can search through the list of countries which we supply below or you can search for your destination in the search form above. You can search many ways. The most common is just to type the name of the city or airport and we’ll suggest the matches we have as you are typing. If you want to be more specific then you can also search a street name or even a postcode.

If you are not sure on the best location you can also look at our nearby locations we mention. You may find a location that is much more convenient for you or a location that offers a wider selection of vehicles.




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