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Car Hire Russia

There are many different stories and rumors about Russia. No one knows which the truth is and which are not. There are many rumors of poverty and riches in Russia, cruel rulers and a whole name of different bureaucracy rumors and much more.

Car Hire

To experience the best parts of this fantastic country, ideally you need the freedom of relying on your own transport. There are some fantastic, must see tourist spots that a bus, train, bike or plane will not take you to. You need your own mode of transport, ideally car hire to do this. You will experience all of the riches of the countryside. You will want to visit some of the most popular places such as Moscow, st Petersburg, and Lake Baikal. In addition, what about Russia’s mountain range. Car Hire will get you to all of these places. After all Russia is the largest country in the world.

The car hire company will meet you at the airport. This is where you can pick up your car with a full tank of petrol or diesel, full insurance, you can choose what make of car you have from a 2 door compact, to a 5 door saloon, 4 wheel drive, SUV, Station wagon, Luxury car, chauffeur driven car, or in some cases a motor home. If you are travelling as a larger group then the car hire company can hire you a minivan with 7 seats or bigger. Whatever your needs, if you book before you travel then the car you require will be there ready and waiting for you to begin your holidays.


Within the city limits of Moscow, you will discover more Billionaires than anywhere else. The most amazing building in the world is due to be completed here soon, and cups of coffee do not come cheap here either. The prices are among the highest anywhere else. I am not saying that Moscow boasts a high cost of living, but this certainly is a rich city in many ways.

Within the capital city of Moscow, you will discover that there is an electric feel to the city. There is a lot of energy, a lot of vibrancy.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

If you enjoy a bit of art and culture then, this is the place for you. The Fine arts Museum has many different pieces of fine artwork for your enjoyment. There are private collections for you to view, there are galleries of American artwork from the last century and before and there is of course Galleries containing European artwork again from previous centuries.

St Isaacs Cathedral

This Cathedral, Majestic, beautiful painted ceilings, and long history is necessary for any seasoned visitor to visit. Based in the Russian City of St Petersburg, you will be able to travel here with ease once you have your car hire sorted. However, if you do not then there is a rail connection from most areas. There is a network of canals here also for you to take a short boat ride on if you prefer a slower pace of life.

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