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Car Hire Indonesia

Batam resort in Indonesia is one of the most sought after tourist destination in this country. If you want to visit the resort in Batam Island you can fly from Jakarta or Malaysia. You can also choose to ride a ferry boat from Singapore or Malaysia that can take you to Batam Island. Transportation or how you can reach this island is a very important matter that you need to find out. This is the reason why this article will give you two effective and easiest ways for a vacationer like you to reach Batam resort with the help of a car hire service.

One is through Hang Nadim International Airport. This is the airport situated at the east side portion of the island. This airport can serve domestic flights going to this island from other part of Indonesia and you can get there by hiring a car hire. This airport is just 30 minutes’ drive away from Nagoya, which is the capital of this island. The best way for you to get into this island is by taking a taxi cab. You need to know that taxi going to this airport is not metered, but you will find a list of destinations with a fixed price. You can easily reach Batam resort if you come from this airport using a car hire service.

Another way to reach the resort is through Batam Fast and Penguin Ferry. These are ferry companies that frequently operate in Singapore going to Batam resort. You can find a ferry that departs ever hour for $30 and you need to pay for additional $3 for the insurance. You will find 5 ferry terminals at Batam Island and the major terminal is the Batam Centre. The entire journey will last for 45 minutes. As you arrive at the terminal you will find lots of taxi drivers that will offer you a ride going to the city center.

It is best if you will bargain for the price right before you agree to ride any taxi. There are different modes of transportation available once you are in Batam resort. There are lots of local buses that can take you to Batam resort, but you need to make sure that the bus is going to the direction of Batam resort. The cheapest one is the Damri buses and the rate is Rp.1000. there are metered taxis, but you need to negotiate for the price right before you ride the taxi because most taxi driver in Batam do not use their taxi meter. You can book for a car hire service easily if you want to reach the destination on time.

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