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Car Hire Ukraine

Ukraine is a country rich of history and culture. It has weathered many great problems over the past many years. Ukraine has a lot of beautiful sites to see. You should not pass any opportunity to visit the country. For this you should car hire. You can easily pass around the country in your hired car. You will be able see the remnants of World War II. The country was one of the main countries, where the war hit.


This city is one of the main cities of Ukraine. It is located right near the river, which passes through the eastern part of Ukraine. With the help of your hired car, you can see the effects of World War II. This city was a focal point during the war. It is also a great link of the region to Kiev. The amazing thing about this city is that its history goes back to the ice age. There are many different museums which showcase different artifacts. These artifacts are from throughout the city’s rich history.


This city is one of the important ports of Ukraine. You should calmly drive through the city in your hired car. This way you will be able to see the different beauties which the city has to offer. Kherson is mainly an industrial city. Many of the main industries are located in this city. There are many different attractions such as the museum of flora. This museum is a very old structure. With your car hire, drive up to the museum and make sure to look at the different attractions available there.

Lviv oblast

This region is situated in the western side of Ukraine. This area is a must visit area for all tourists. Here you have the advantage of having mountains and a beautiful scenery. The region is one of the most modernized out of all the others in Ukraine. This area is abundant in mineral resources. These include different types of semi precious stones and natural gas. This area has moved ahead economically. Due to this you will be able to cruise around in your hire car, when you visit. This region is full of different attractions.


This is a city in the Lviv oblast region. Since it is situated in the middle of two regions, it is a fusion of many cultures. The city has a lot to offer in terms of attraction to the tourists who visit the area. The weather is nice enough for you to roam around in your hired car. The country has many different things to offer, however this city is one of the most prominent ones in Ukraine. Even though this city is in Russia, the Russian population is the second largest. The city is ancient one, so you can easily find the different places where you plan to go. The navigation system of your hire car will help you find the different attractions which you will want to go to.

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