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Car Hire Namibia

Some travelers cannot avoid finding last minute hotel and car hire accommodation in Namibia. There are times that you would want to escape the busy life in the city. There are lots of hotels offering cheaper rates for their rooms. Some people think that the only low class hotel gives cheaper rates and discount. If you are thinking the same way, then you are wrong. There are four star and even five star hotels that are giving lower rates and discounts especially for last minute accommodations.

Actually, you do not have to be well prepared and planned in order to acquire good rate and high quality room in a five star hotel. You can also get the room that you want even if your trip is unplanned. After reading this article, you will surely be a believer of last minute hotel bargains. You can find great hotel bargain on the web, but you can also call a hotel directly and ask if they are offering great discount for last minute accommodation with a car hire service. The following are things that you can try in order to find nice hotel rooms with great discounts.

You can also go for bed and breakfast as alternatives instead of booking for a hotel accommodation, though you will book for a car hire separately. This kind of accommodation is available with meals included in their package for a very low rate. You may also go for privately owned houses in the neighborhood where you want to stay. Some people who want extra money choose to rent some rooms inside their house for travelers. This is a nice option since locals are very hospitable and accommodating to guests. Sometimes you do not have to pay that much and they will also offer you meals they cooked for themselves.

You can negotiate with the manager for the car and the price that they offer. You can either call the hotel directly or go to their website. You can negotiate for the rates in your own. Negotiating for rates at the last minute, because the hotel do not have any choice, but to grab the opportunity to have an added guests like you. By doing this you can acquire discounted accommodation. You need to call directly and ask if you can talk with their manager. It is better to make deal on Tuesday and Thursdays, because during these days travelers are not travelling and making any hotel reservation. The rates during these days are lesser compare to other days of the week.

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