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Car Hire Czech Republic

For many a visit to the Czech Republic would be a visit to the historic city of Prague. Famous for its beautiful architecture and steeped in history, you could spend many hours just basking in its beauty. To make the most of your time you should seriously consider a car hire firm to make your way around the various sites the city has to offer, or you may choose to cycle through its historic beauty.

Charles Bridge

This is a sight in Czech Republic, specifically Prague, where it is highly recommended that you visit at dawn to make the most of the baroque statuettes that adorn it. You will experience the best sight ever. The bridge, built in 1400, has withstood occasional floods, and wheeled traffic before becoming a pedestrian only zone after WWII. Although you may wish to invest in Car Hire if you are staying some distance away, the bridge is quite small in comparison to many of its other European counterparts allowing easy access to other wondrous sites in the area.

By early morning, the bridge is normally bustling with a throng of tourists, buskers and traders and remains a popular attraction with its amazing views and sheer beauty. The views offered from the bridge towers are too good to miss. If there is a downside to this beautiful place, it is the need to be vigilant. As a highly popular destination when visiting Prague, it is also a known haven for pickpockets who will use the crowds to full advantage.

Prague Castle

Guinness World Records believe this to be the largest ancient castle in the world at 570m long and an average of 128m wide. Therefore, it is easy to see why this majestic building remains popular to this day. Though the castle has seen four major reconstructions since its creation in the 9th century, it has maintained its mixture of architectural styles and has remained as a seat of power for Czech rulers and official heads of state.

The very size of the castle will mean that you will enjoy a good days viewing with ease, though entry is by ticket. These tickets are valid for two full days, and concessions are available. If your accommodation is quite a distance away, it may be advisable to seek a car hire firm so that you can make the most of this wonderful piece of Czech culture.

Mucha Museum

For lovers of the Art Nouveau period, you could not wish to visit a more appropriate place. This very busy museum plays host to many famous works by the artist Alfons Mucha (1860-1939). Also included are many sketches and photographs, in addition to many of his other artworks with their trademark flowing hair and piercing blue eyes. You would not have to be an art lover to appreciate the beauty and majesty of his work. With a central location in Prauge, it would be wise to locate a car hire firm to take full advantage of your time.

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