Top 7 Spa Hotels in Europe

Top 7 Spa Hotels in Europe

For some, a vacation is not really a vacation unless they can stretch out in a comfortable massage table and truly relax under the hands of a skilled spa professional.

If you are planning to go to Europe this year, make the most out of your holiday by booking in at the best spa hotels on the continent.

The Grand Hotel Des Borromees in Lake Maggiore, Italy

Italy’s Lake Maggiore has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, dating back to hundreds of years ago. The Grand Hotel Des oarromees is home to spectacular sights of the lake, which is consistently breathtaking the whole year round. The hotel offers various spa services, including aromatherapy massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures.

The Pierre Loti Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

Straddling Asia and Europe, Istanbul has always inspired a unique kind of exoticism that made it a popular destination for travelers with adventurous hearts. The Pierre Loti Hotel in this breathtaking city is perfect for those wanting a traditional Turkish spa experience without breaking the bank. Hit up the Health Club at the hotel for a wide variety of beauty treatments, including the popular salt scrub and wash in a hamam, the traditional Turkish bath.

Le Meurice Hotel in Paris, France

One of the swankiest hotels in one of the most glamorous cities in the world, Le Meurice offers a full-service spa along with delightful gourmet cuisine and easy access to the famed shopping district of rue St-Honoré. When staying at the Le Meurice, make sure to try the Spa Valmont to enjoy delightful luxuries such as the Eye Countour Lifting Intensive Treatment and the Glaciers Moisturising Vitality Treatment.

The Rome Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, Italy

Located in a very strategic (scenery wise) perch overlooking the cities of Rome and the Vatican, this sprawling hotel is also one of the best spas in the continent (if not the world). Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Italian capital (yet still near Rome for guests who want to hit the town), you can enjoy the wonders of the hotel’s full-service spa (with weight-loss therapies), four swimming pools, whirlpools, beauty treatments, and Turkish bath in relative peace.

The Savoy in London, England

Posh in that uniquely English way, The Savoy is still one of the best spa destinations in Europe. The Beauty and Fitness Centre, located in the third floor of this historic hotel, is the perfect place for those who want to focus on total wellness. The Savoy has a gym and a full-service spa with beauty, massage, and weight-loss therapies.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona, Spain

Mandarin Oriental’s The Spa is undeniably one of the best in Spain, with private treatment rooms, a gym, a herbal steam room, and a full-service gym. This spa hotel is perfect for those who want to rejuvenate their body, spirit, and mind while on holiday.

The San Clemente Palace Hotel in Venice, Italy

This five-star hotel is the perfect place to stay in Venice, especially if you want to relax in style after exploring this charming city. The San Clemente Palace Hotel even has its own island in the city, where you can enjoy a wide variety of spa treatments in accessible isolation. The hotel offers Jacuzzis, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a full-service gym, and even hair salon services to make sure you look your best before you hit the town.