An 11 Day Religious Tour in Egypt

An 11 Day Religious Tour in Egypt

If you are someone who is religious, and like to go on a tour that will help you to explore religious places with your family, you should surely go on a religious tour of Egypt.

Egypt has a very important place for Christians and the country is home to some of the holiest place in Christianity. Here, we present to you the itinerary of a very comprehensive Egyptian tour which covers most of the Christian holy sites in the country and also covers the historic sites the country is famous for. You will travel to all the places which are believed to have covered by the holy family of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Tour Duration - 11 Days / 10 Nights.

Day 1 : Arrival in the city of Cairo, Egypt

The tour starts with the guests arriving at the city of Cairo, which is the capital of Egypt. You will be recieved by the tour operators and will be assisted in checking in to a hotel.

Day 2: The Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum

After you are done with your breakfast, you will be taken to a wonderful trip of the world famous Pyramids of Giza, which will include the pyramids of Mykerinus, Chephren and Cheops. The next destination will be the iconic Egyptian Museum situated in Cairo.

Day 3: Babastis/Philippos tour

After breakfast, you will visit the Christian sites in Babastis, which is famous for a spring which is there from the time of Jesus. You will also visit other Christian sites in Philippos. The night will be spent in the hotel in Cairo.

Day 4: Sakha/Samanoud

After breakfast, you will again start another Biblical journey on the footstep of Christ. You will visit the Church of Virgin Mary in Sakha, 140 kms from Cairo. You will also visit the holy sites in Samanoud and will return to the hotel in Cairo for night stay.

Day 5: Travel to Wadi Natroun

You will travel to Wadi Natroun in the desert where you will encounter four beautiful monasteries. This valley is believed to have been blessed by Christ himself. After lunch, you will return to the hotel in Cairo for night stay.

Day 6: Cairo Chtristian Churches

On the 6th day, you will explore the Christian churches of Cairo, which will include Church of St. George, The Hanging Church, Fortress of Babylon, Church of Virgin Mary etc. You will then return to the hotel in Cairo for night stay.

Day 7: El Minya

After breakfast, you will start on a 2 hours 30 minutes journey to El Minya in South Egypt. There, you will visit the Holy Mary Church which is believed to have been visited by the family of Christ. Overnight stay will be in a hotel in el Minya.

Day 8: Dendara

After breakfast, you will continue travelling in the footstep of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. You will then travel to Luxor and on the way you will stop to visit the White Monastery, Al Quisiya Monastery and will also stop at Dandera to visit Hathor’s Temple. Overnight stay will be in Luxor.

Day 9: Aswan Attractions

Next day you will travel to Aswan and will explore the popular tourist destinations in and around Aswan. You will explore the Aswan Dam which is regarded as the lifeline of Egypt. You will also get to explore the Obelisk which is unfinished. The night stay will in a hotel.

Day 10: Cairo

You will return to Cairo and spend the night in a hotel.

Day 11: Departure

The tour ends and you will return to your country of residence.