Beach Holiday Ideas

The Most Famous Beaches of Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry is famous all over the world for its beautiful and peaceful existing right on the sea beach. There are many beaches in Pondicherry which are very popular among tourists. Pondicherry can boast of some of the cleanest and most sce... [continue reading]

Top 5 Islands in India

India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. In modern times, India is a emerging global power which is known as a tourist hotspot and a IT powerhouse. Today, millions of tourists from around the world visit India every ye... [continue reading]

Top 5 Tropical Paradises of the World

Tropical tourist destinations have always captured the imagination of travelers. They are very popular with tourists from around the world due their climate, flora and fauna, natural beauty and biodiversity. Endless summers, beautiful beach... [continue reading]

6 of the Best Beach Destinations for 2014

Beach bums and sun worshipers rejoice! There is no need to settle for the nearest beach from your place — here are some of the best beach destinations to visit in 2014. [continue reading]

10 Beautiful Beaches in Europe That Should Be On Everyones Bucket List

Here is a list of many beautiful beaches scattered all over Europe that you probably don’t have on your bucket list yet, but are definitely worth the visit. [continue reading]