10 Beautiful Beaches in Europe That Should Be On Everyones Bucket List

10 Beautiful Beaches in Europe That Should Be On Everyones Bucket List

Here is a list of many beautiful beaches scattered all over Europe that you probably don’t have on your bucket list yet, but are definitely worth the visit.

If you’re a beach lover, it’s a normal goal to want to visit the best beaches in Europe. But the most popular beaches are not always the best. Sometimes, the lesser known beaches can offer so much more that famed beaches cannot. These ten European beaches offer the best examples.

1 Golden Sands Beach, Bulgaria

In Bulgaria lies a vintage beach with soft golden sands. Hidden in a resort town and surrounded by a resort dating back to the late 1950s, the Golden Sands Beach beckons to eco-conscious luxury travelers thanks to its award-winning environmental awareness. The beach offers solar-powered transportation options and the water itself is monitored regularly to ensure that it remains toxin-free.

2 Baska Vodka Beach, Croatia

The Baska Vodka Beach in Croatia is flanked beautifully by the pink Biokovo Mountains, one of the region’s most popular destinations. It makes a great detour for your luxury trip to Croatia.

3 Pentrez Plage Beach, Brittany, France

The friendliest beach for families, the Pentrez Plage Beach in Brittany boasts of huge acres of clean white sand where you can kick footballs, play Frisbee, fly kites, or just have a beach-side picnic.

4 Grand Plage Beach, Biarritz, France

Looking for a more pampered beach experience? Head to the Grand Plage Beach in Biarritz where waiters are ready to wait on you, fashion boutiques are ready to welcome you, and the casinos ready to entertain you. The hotels are a bit aged, though, but that just adds to the charm of this veteran beach hub in France.

5 Maspalomas Beach, Gran Canaria

Do you want your beach encounters to remind you of just how beautiful nature is? Head to the Maspalomas Beach and marvel at the huge sand dunes that the wind itself masterfully sculpted.

6 Erimoupolis Beach, Crete, Greece

Named after the abandoned town of Itanos, the Erimoupolis Beach in Crete occupies the northernmost tip of Eastern Crete. It’s a serene beachside that played witness to how the ancient town fell into ruins. While there, you’ll feel traces of the region’s history in the wind.

7 Priaia del Fuoco Beach, Italy

On a honeymoon? If you don’t want the usual choices, make the extra effort and visit this romantic beach hidden at the end of Capo Vaticano coast in Italy. Lying at the tip of south Calabria, the Priaia del Fuoco Beach is only accessible by boat or a precipitous path, but the soft sand and aquamarine waters make the trip worth it.

8 Ramla Bay Beach, Gozo, Malta

Teeming with Roman history, the Ramla Bay in Gozo, Malta boasts of fiery orange sands. The beach is a half hour of ferry ride away from the main island of Gozo, giving it a secluded feel.

9 Chia Beach, Sardinia

The Chia Beach in Sardinia is another historical European beach. The site where it now stands used to house the ancient city of Bithia, of Phoenician fame. Now, the beach offers a quiet spot where you can enjoy the Caribbean waters and rest in the shade of juniper trees.

10 La Manga del Mar Menor Beach, Spain

Known as the largest salt-water coastal lagoon in Europe, the La Manga del Mar Menor Beach in Spain, also known as the Little Sea, is loved for its warm and shallow water. It’s a great beach to bring your kids to.