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Car Hire Santiago Airport

Santiago Airport is great and you can get a car hire model upon arrival! Make sure you keep your documents handy at the time of renting the car. Moreover, you want to check driving laws of Chile before you travel. These laws may change from time to time and it is better to be well informed to avoid problems during your trip.

Note that an international license never replaces your original license and you should always carry with you both in countries that require it. Enough said, you can get prepared to travel from Santiago Airport around Chile. It is time to visit main attractions and enjoy its many natural breathtaking views. For example, you can drive until you get to San Pedro de Atacama, which is located in the north. This is a common place between foreign people. You will certainly enjoy the precious Incaic architecture.

Fuel and transmission types in car hire

When you get to Santiago Airport, you need to find the top Company. What about fuel? Perhaps in your home country Diesel is not very common or is only used for heavy transport, however, in Chile this type of fuel is quite popular, due in large part to the high performance it offers and how cheap it is. In Chile you will not have trouble finding a service station or gas station. For all this a diesel car is a good choice for your car hire. You should also note that fossil fuels in Santiago are not exactly cheap and fuel savings can represent a considerable sum of money.

On the other hand, you decide if you want a car with automatic transmission or a manual transmission (also known as synchronous or standard). This depends entirely on each person's taste, some prefer automatic cars for comfort, and others prefer the manual transmission because they feel more control over the car or just like to shift gears. Choose the car hire option that best fits your needs taking into account the duration of your trip and your abilities as a driver.

Promotions and upgrades at Santiago Airport

Sometimes when you are booking your car on your computer or when you pick up at no extra cost they offer a better vehicle or an "upgrade". If you are reserving a compact internet and they offer an "upgrade", do not hesitate to accept the offer as it will have a better car for the price category than you had initially chosen. But if you offer other car in the agency when you pick the one you booked, note well what they offer. Sometimes if the cars that suit offered but these others may not fit your needs. If for example you want to visit small towns in Chile and offer a large truck or a car you may regret when looking for parking.

What to do in case of problems with car hire

If a problem arises with the car you've rented, immediately contact Santiago Airport car rental agency. The telephone service of the top company is available 24 hours a day and staff members are really helpful.

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