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Car Hire Puerto Montt Airport

Puerto Montt is a beautiful port at the bottom of Chile. It has been growing steadily economy wise, over the past few years. No one can deny the beauty it has to offer the world. A sea port, with inactive volcanoes and other such attractions, the city is a must visit destination for travelers.

It is such a beautiful city, that you should get a car hire to use through your trip. When you get on to the El Tepual International Airport, the different places available to hire cars will be hard to miss. You can easily choose the one which best suits your needs. The city has many different natural sites where you can visit. The best of all, I would say are the snowcapped volcanoes. Where else will you be able to find such beauty?

The first day of your trip gets out in your car hire to roam around the city. You should be able to get the hang of things as drive around in your hired car. This will help you find the places much more easily, instead of roaming around asking for directions. Or you can hire a car which has a GPS navigation system installed. This will make your sightseeing much more enjoyable.

My recommendation to you would be to drive down to the Chiloe National Park. The place is beautifully built. It is in a way a natural resort, where all the local trees are preserved. The construction is done in a way, so as not to hurt any of the natural habitats. After parking your car hire, you can easily walk around the different cabins and lodges, present in the park. It is the perfect place to visit with you family. The spots made for picnics are beautiful and breathtaking, to say the least.

When you have a hired car, you will be able to roam the local streets easily. This will help you get a true picture of the local ways of living day to day life. Armed with your car hire and a navigation system, you can hardly go wrong. The Puerto Montt natives are extremely helpful people. They are really hospitable people.

Another thing which will be made easier for you, due to your car hire, is to get from the airport to your hotel. True it might take you some time, but it will also allow you to take in the sights which the city has to offer on the way from the airport. Puerto Montt may be a little hot, during the summers. However, it is wonderful during the winters. The weather allows it to be cool and fun for tourists to roam around.

The last place which you could visit is the Church of Dalcahue. This church is a wonderful structure built in the 19th century. The building is really old yet it has been beautifully preserved by the government, for the locals. You can easily get to it using your car hire’s navigation system.

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