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Car Hire Copiapo Airport

Copiapo airport is the doorway to one of the most beautiful cities in Chile, the airport receives thousands of visitors who come for business related reasons or simply touring to get a view of the gorgeous town. Positioned in a unique and strategic place, it acts as the main hub for imports and exports . The airport is built with state of the art infrastructure with good road transport link. Conducting business is easy and efficient, the government has offices around the airport to facilitate clearance of persons flying to the town.

Road transport is the most common means of transport that is used, the airport is connected to a good road network , which helps facilitate the transportation of the copper and other minerals from the mining fields. A first time visitor in Copiapo town will have a smooth time adjusting , and settling down. Straight from the airport a person can rent a car to facilitate his trip. The vehicles are well and maintained with a number of desirable models for one to choose from. Mining is not only the main economic activity, tourism has of recent times grown, people come from across the country and beyond to visit unique places only found within the walls of Copiapo. One can hire a car and visit the new casino specifically built to handle the excess demand from both the locals and the tourist. Covering the entire square miles from the airport down to the mean streets requires a lot of time and flexibility, renting a car will definitely be a huge boost to the trip, a person will be able to make stops overs at any point to view sites.

Raid Atacama is an event that boost thousands of people who fly in at Copiapo airport, the event mainly showcases the best four by four auto mobiles in the world. The importance of the event has made it worthy of national award for tourism. The love for vehicles spreads across the board, with the car rental business offering some of the models showcased.

From the busy minefields of the ever growing tourism sector Copiapo airport is always a beehive of activities and is always operational throughout the year. High level of security is maintained to help maintain security of both the people and the sensitive cargo that is being transported on and out of the airport.

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