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Car Hire Cologne Airport

When you get at Cologne Airport in Germany, you will notice there are special car hire rates. In the rest of the country, car hire prices vary and are agreed in each case. Thus, clients of the top agency can take advantage of the best deal. Yet, as far as models are concerned, this is dependent on the availability of cars at the site of origin and must be agreed to pay the amount in each destination.

In summer, the top car hire company often offers a 20% discount on rates to customers of satellite TV companies, or associated with some credit cards and students and employees of private universities. Moreover, the most reliable company offers discounts for passengers on some airlines and awards points for the programs of "Frequent Flyer". In this sense, upon arrival at Cologne Airport, you can move around without any problem.

Booking early

Book a car in advance (1 month or 20 days). So in addition to ensure a better price (around a 10% discount) it is very likely, that when you arrive at Cologne Airport and go pick up your car, they will offer an "upgrade" (to give you a car upgrade at which you had reserved but at the same price). The small cars from the car hire company are the most requested and will give you first arrive as guests (reserve or not), once exhausted, pull the next step by making him pay that your car has not agreed in advance and offering without surcharge. Why going for a more awkward, bulky and difficult to park car? This happened to many, however, with a better car you may enjoy Germany a lot more in many ways, you can always negotiate with the rental agency.

Whatever you go, do not leave without a car mediating a reservation. If you are offered a worse model, claim it! Another point about booking with a Cologne Airport company in advance is to have a document that certifies. As for Internet reservations, they may send you a notification paper with a car hire booking reference. Do not forget to print and take with you when you go to collect your car. If you take it, even if part of their "system" your reservation, depends on who will give the car window or not. You know, the printed word remains while the words are gone with the wind.

When filling out the papers with the Germany car hire company, you might want to hire an extension of the CDW (partial exemption from liability for damage to the integrity of the vehicle) and TP (the same but for theft). Thus, for 11 or 12 Euros more per day, you are freed from the insurance excess, which is usually between 500 and 800 Euros depending on the vehicle (for luxury, more than 1,000). The additional driver is not worth it (in case of serious accident last thing we will worry about is who was driving the buggy. No matter who drives, it is important to do it with caution.

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