Fly Drive Holidays in Sweden : Exploring West Sweden

Fly Drive Holidays in Sweden : Exploring West Sweden

Sweden is one of those Scandinavian countries that are too beautiful for words—and perfect for a driving holiday. Whether you are visiting for the first or hundredth time, the western part of the country is truly a marvel to behold, and you can enjoy a more leisurely pace by driving yourself through the roads and staring at the majestic scenery unfolding right outside your window.

The best time to explore this part of the country is from late spring to early fall (May to September), and allot for a seven-day fly drive holiday itinerary.

Flying In

You can book tickets to the Goteborg Landvetter Airport in the Gothenburg region. This international airport serves over five million passengers every year, and is one of the biggest airports in Sweden (right after the Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport).

Starting the Journey

West Sweden is actually made up of three major provinces: Bohyslan, Vastergotland, and Dalsland. Gothenburg, a major city in the Nordic region, is the starting point of your journey. Known as Little London and Little Amsterdam, Gothenburg is nestled within the provinces of Vastergotland and Bohusland, and offers a thousand and one things to do for visitors from different parts of the world. The city is home to several heritage sites, including the Gothenburg City Museum, the Fish Church (Feskekorka) in Rosenlundsgatan, the Vasa Church in Engelbrektsgatan, the well-preserved 18th century district of Haga, and the Gunnebo House and Gardens.

Kosterhavet National Park

After Gothenburg, you can head to the many islands of the Bohuslan province for different outdoor activities and water sports (highly recommended if you are visiting during the summer). This province is also home to the Kosterhavet National Park (shown right), the first marine national park in the country. Kosterhavet is situated in Koster Islands, which are quite close to the country’s border to Norway. This part of the country is best for going on a seal safari, taking pictures aboard an “underwater camera boat,” catching delicious lobsters, and exploring the coast on bicycles.

Dalsland is the next point of the journey, and will take you an hour or so from Gothenburg. This province prides itself for having the “most accessible” wilderness in the continent—it’s quite convenient to drive to this little slice of Swedish paradise. Expect to lose yourself in the clear lakes and verdant forests, even if you are not a lover of the great outdoors. Make sure to watch out for the beavers, elks, lynx, and wolves!

Explore the past as you turn back to Vastergotland—aside from the beautiful historic structures in Gothenburg that we have mentioned earlier, don’t forget to check out the fairytale castle overlooking Lake Vanern, as well as the Naas Castle, and the centuries-old abbeys in Gudhem and Varnham. A cruise along the Gota Canal is also a must—this national landmark will take visitors through the Trollhattan, with its nine-meter deep locks considered to be one of the treasures of Sweden.

Ending the Journey

Even good things must come to an end, and while you are in the province of Vastergotland, you can turn back to the city of Gothenburg for your flight out.