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Car Hire Malaga Train Station

Malaga Train Station makes every effort to ensure its reliability and upgrade, avoiding post changes and schedule changes until they are fully confirmed. As soon as you arrive in Spain, you can go for a car hire solution to get around with ease. Luckily, you will notice information is updated in real time. If any changes occur, you will have reliable transportation.

Malaga offers several theater Cycle Bambino Children's Theatre. For those who want to enjoy this is the room of tales. There are ongoing shows at the Children's Theatre Auditorium. If you want to go to concerts, car hire at Malaga Train Station is what you need to drive through. Let's get started! As for the art Malaga proposes the permanent collection of the Museum of Glass and Crystal, showing the glass in all its times. This exhibition is the result of the efforts of the private collector Gonzalo Fernandez-Prieto, historian Madrid dedicated to the restoration of housing in Britain. This antique has compiled a series of 3000 pieces of glass and glass, some of great value, dating back to Roman times. The English glass is the star of this exhibition, one of the best collections of its kind worldwide.

Moreover, you can visit The Picasso Foundation (Museum-Casa Natal) shows the collection known as “Serra” it is all about ceramics. There is a sample, which allows an approach to one of the lesser known facets of the painter from Malaga who has seconded 25 pieces of ceramics by Pablo Picasso Malaga Foundation for exhibition to the public. These works make an iconographic variety of pottery production of the painter; a facet is less known but not less interesting.

Thus, you cannot miss out so much art and fun! When getting around in Spain, you can have peace of mind. Since your arrival at Malaga Train Station, they are committed to:

  • Ensure car hire traffic safety in coordination with the areas responsible for it.
  • Ensure availability of infrastructure.
  • Providing rail operators and reliability of telecommunications facilities and improve performance.

As far as nature is concerned, the animals, bullfighting, the simplified beauty, landscape and the faces are some of the reasons you cannot ignore the best Malaga spots.

Construction, renovation and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities of the conventional network at Malaga Train Station is the government mission. For this there is support 24/7 since your arrival. There is a team with extensive experience and highly specialized, ready to assist you more thoroughly. Get the car you need and ensure you will be properly supported by an agency with cutting edge technology to meet the requirements of transport operators and machinery, vehicles and maintenance bases adapted to the production needs of the rail network throughout Spain.

To ensure this commitment they meet car hire quality standards, everyone is highly trained. Read contracts for peace of mind and enjoy Malaga non-stop. Security and safety are a must and this service speaks for itself. It is all about privacy, environmental friendliness and the best solutions get around from and to Malaga Train station.

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