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Car Hire Florence Airport

For Da Vinci and Michelangelo and several other Italian greats, Florence is home. In the areas of galleries and attraction, this city offers only high quality and will not disappoint. When you decide to use car hire services when you take a trip to the city, you will be provided with the opportunity to decide on the pace that you want to view the best art features of the age. The beautifully colored sunrises that appear over the mountains laden with snow in the early morning serve as lovely viewpoints for visitors as well as citizens. Generally, the bus or taxi service will not allow you to get a glimpse of this splendid view and this is why it is best to arrange for car hire so that you can be wherever you want and whenever you desire.

Florence Airport is not very large, and the arrivals area is quite a pleasure and also surprising, as although the area is somewhat small, it houses an ATM, small cafe and bathrooms. In order to reach the offices for car hire services, you have to leave the arrivals area of the building and go to the left to a building that is separate from the airport. These booths are found along the building on the outside.

There are taxis that are always found outside of the airport whose drivers are willing and waiting to take you wherever you want to, although not at a cheap price. To get to the train station from Florence Airport, the taxi may take about 20 minutes. The train station is located in the center of the city, close to Santa Maria Novella. Blue buses are also available that cost less to use and are found at almost the same distance from the airport as the taxis. Generally, when you use car hire services in the city, you are provided with a key that has parking space as well as license plate number on it. You are then required to look out for the designated park area that is owned by the car rental company.

While on your visit to this part of Italy, make sure that you take pleasure in the shopping experience. In case you are looking, you will not come upon a large area having major department stores or large shops. Rather, you will generally find shops that are not too big, selling antiques, souvenirs, leather goods, furnishings and shoe and clothing boutiques. This city is also commonly known for the several outdoor markets that it contains.

After having your fill of the city, on your way back to the airport you can delight yourself with some pastries and the country’s best and amazing coffee. There are convenient locations on the way to the airport in Florence where you can fill up the car hire with gas when returning it to the booths. To ensure that you enjoy your stay in the city, it is recommended that you do thorough planning and research the areas that are a must-see and come ready to take loads of photos.

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