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Car Hire Bodo Airport

Bodo Airport is a local airport in Norway. It serves the second major city in the north of Norway. Car hire in Bodo Airport with snowstorm chains and winter seasons tires because it is near the cold Circle and so acquire very cold in winter seasons.

Most of the people visit Bodo every year to see the Norwegian landscape and coast in the underdone. Although a city, Bodo has a small town and very beautiful town feel as it is extended thinly along the coast. The harbor is very pretty and residence to a ferry that can take you out to the island-built lighthouse for great views looking back at the city. Outside Bodo, the landscape is bleak and unforgiving, sometimes even in summer; still, it’s very popular with climbers. Many People walk to the bay where the world’s biggest maelstrom is found and where the fishing is unmatched. The city’s airport is home to the U2 high elevation investigate plane which can be seen taking off regularly from Bodo.

Just exterior of the city has been Bodo International Airport which is famous for the U2 impressive data meeting airplane and was once used for the taxing of Concorde. Today it accepts many flights from across Norway and several seasonal holiday flights from Europe and then across the world. No flights operate there from the UK. To get to the city center from the airport, take Car hire a journey of less than a minute.

Bodo is a modern airport and agreed very proficiently. The main mortal building has concourse and Air Bridge agreed as spokes of a semi-circular gate area meaning that at no time will you need to walk far to the airdrome exit. Bodo is also a ‘silent’ airport with no verbal declarations so you’ll have to watch the overhead displays very carefully in Bodo Airport, Norway.

Some larger flights wharf at the air viaducts for direct relocate into the airport even as smaller flights ask you to walk downward the aircraft steps and up a new flight of steps into the incurable building. This can be pretty a shock in the nadir of winter! Inside, once you have been through passport control, you’ll be in the main public area. A client service desk is there to help travelers with transport and airport connected questions whilst two ATMs dispense currency should you need it.

The car rental companies are located in the airport terminal but the cars are often a little distance away. The car will drop them rotten for you at the terminal entry, mainly in winter when they’ll and be de-iced and preheated. Public transport is available and you simply have to wait at the bus stop for the bus to arrive.

Arriving in Bodo on the 16th or 17th of June in the summer , you'll be in for a treat as the Bodo Airshow will be held on those dates, it's a good show in the world . This year's theme is the Cold War and the displays contain Russian and eastern European military airplane.

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