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Car Hire Sapporo Chitose Airport

Do you know that Japanese food and drinks are also mixture of Western foods and drinks? This is a fact because there are lots of Japanese dishes that are also similar with the way Western foods are prepared. Japanese food and drinks are usually seasonal but they are very attractive to eaters because they were presented in a very delightful manner when served. A typical Japanese meal is composed of rice which is also known as gohan in Japan, miso soup, vegetables with pickles, fish and meat.

If you are interested you can come to Japan via Sapporo Chitose Airport with the help of a car hire service to reach your destination on time. Even if their main meal should be composed of rice, some are not used to eating rice instead they prefer noodles. Udon, ramen and soba are the cheapest and famous noodles in japan. A Japanese food and drink will not be complete without seafood on the table. There are varieties of fish, octopus, squid and eel that can be found on every table in sushi and tempura form.

Rice or Kome is sticky yet short grained rice that is usually seen in Japan. It is locally cultivated involving Japanese culture. There are varieties of this rice in Japan but Komachi and Akita are among the famous options. Rice is not just eaten with other dishes because it can also be used to make mocha or rice cakes. It is also being used by people to make senbei or rice crackers and rice wine is known as sake in Japan. Rice is also being used to cook red beans known as sekihan. They also use it to make porridge or also known as kayu. Japanese food and drinks are very inviting and they are also famous, because of the variety of foods that can be found on the table.

Noodles for Udon and Soba are also famous. Noodles are made from wheat flour and they are usually boiled and served with chicken or meat broth. You can look for restaurants serving these meals via car hire service. Seafood and meat are also common on the Japanese table because Japanese consume more fish and seafood more than Western countries. This is the primary reason why Japanese are the only nation with low heart disease rate and low rate of cancer. Japanese food and drink include sushi and sashimi that are famous in the market. You can also see some fast foods in Japan that also offer sushi.

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