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Car Hire Lucca

Holidaymakers love to visit Lucca, because it promises a lot of great places to see. If you want to spend your entire day exploring this place, you need to consider a car rental service that you can always depend on. You can enjoy your vacation if you do not have to think of anything more than to enjoy the place. It is nice to sit back and just relax inside a car while someone professional drives for you. It can add to your piece of mind knowing that you are safe in a foreign land.

This place is well-preserved and it can offer you a glimpse of the past. You will find ancient towers, walls and a lot of stunning places to see. If you will rent a car, then make sure that you will visit some of these places in Lucca. First is Duomo di San Martino. This is known as a cathedral that has been built during 14th century. This structure is made of huge columns and arches that are painted with striking white color. There are other things to see once you explore the inside of the cathedral. You will find Sacred Countenance and Temple of the Volto Santo di Lucca. There is a wooden crucifix, which is considered as a treasured possession of Lucca as many believed that is was carved by the famous Saint Nicodemus.

Another great place to explore is City walls. You will discover many medieval walled around Lucca. These walls survived the test of time and all of them are still intact despite the fact that the city is rapidly expanding and developing over the years. It is possible for you to discover everything that this place can offer through a car hire service. The best thing that you can do is to walk or bike on top of these walls during sunny day. This will give you a full view of the entire city.

The last but the least is Torre Guinigi. This is a beautiful tower with lots of oak trees growing on top of it. The service of will make you relax, so you will be able to climb 25 flights going on top of the tower. This is an adventure that you should not miss. It can also offer you amazing view of Lucca and you will surely enjoy the shade that these trees can offer. This is something that you will never experience anywhere in the world.

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